Jan 21, 2011

What Americans think of Soccer

I know, I know. You European purists will want to have my head for this. But for the sake of avoiding confusion, from now on "football" will always be referring to American football, and soccer will be, well, soccer.

Soccer has a bad rep, partly because of how 'little action' there is during a game. In many games, no-one scores for a full hour, or for the entire game for that matter. Watching soccer is an acquired taste, I admit, but what I consider "soccer cancer", like in this video, is what many people use to ridicule soccer.

And speaking of ridicule, Americans can now add one more reason: Internet porn addiction. Take it away, Jim Rome (ESPN host who, unsurprisingly, hates soccer).

At least I now have an excuse for my own porn-collecting heyday in high school.

Jan 20, 2011

What the British think about American Football...

Nothing like a little British humor to break the ice.

Tomorrow, What the Americans think about Soccer.

Welcome, fanatics of both Football and Football!

Welcome to my new pet project, the Football and Football blog.

I've been an avid fan of sports my entire life, in both participation and in watching a game on a nice relaxing weekend.

One little thing has bothered me for the longest time, though. Most fans of football HATE football. And the fans of football absolutely LOATH football.

Me? I'm a huge fan of both Footballs. And of course, I'm talking about American Football and Soccer (or "Real Football" as Europeans love to point out).

I live in the US, I've been a great fan of BOTH sports equally throughout my young life, and by God, have I seen and heard some ignorant crap from fans of both sides. There's no reason to hate the other football - to me, each has its own charms and issues. Surely, there are people out there like me, who've been caught in the $#!tstorm that is the endless debate: which football is better?

The answer, my friends, is THEY'RE BOTH AWESOME.

So, here it is. Football-and-Football. A blog dedicated to you, the poor sap who's a closet football-fan that likes the other football as well...